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Mission: Support the Festival Community

Harmonia developed out of an expressed need to address an issue within the festival community: the need for a safe decompression space for individuals undergoing difficult emotional experiences. Based out of Asheville, NC, Harmonia seeks to provide harm reduction services via our Decompression Lounge to East Coast and Midwest events and music festivals.

Our mission of providing a safe and supportive space for festivals has inspired a vision for what our team can contribute to the community based around what we truly value: self empowerment, educated and intentional decision-making, and community support. We offer a wide range of services outside of our signature sanctuary festival space including event and festival operations, promotions, and décor.

Music Festival and Event Services

Harmonia: Restorative Decompression Lounge

Harmonia is an on-site professional support team and task force that promotes health and safety. Moral and psychological support is provided to attendees and staff of mass gatherings and festivals who are experiencing sensory overstimulation.

The Harmonia Restorative Decompression Lounge is a calming and restorative space curated to support those who are having difficult experiences caused by overstimulation, substance use, dehydration, nonthreatening domestic disputes, etc. These patrons are often deemed non-threatening to themselves and those inside the event by the medical and security staff, but still require emotional support. Our decompression space comes staffed wiith compassionate personnel trained in deescalation who have experience and are familiar with the music festival environment.

Harmonia is a major asset and service to the medical and security infrastructure of a festival, and significantly reduces the number of unwarranted law enforcement engagements and medical transports. Our team is equipped to supervise individuals who may need temporary relief from the sensory and social stimulation of the production and public areas of the event. Our approach is based in harm reduction, and we provide judgement free support and focus on the best possible and positive outcome for the individual.

Harmonia’s services are tailored according to the size and needs of each event and festival. We act as an extension of and support for in-house medical and security teams. Our staff consists of professionals who are experienced in festival culture and trained in:

  • First Aid/ CPR
  • Crowd Managment
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Harm Reduction

Workshop Facilitation

At Harmonia, we have the ability to facilitate workshops and involve individuals with your event who can educate and inspire positive growth by opening the discussion on topics relevant to those active in the festival community.

Décor Services

Harmonia is equipped with a multitude of decorative accoutrements and fabrics. With a conscious eye for design, we will help you align your event space with your intentions.

Community Programming

We are currently developing programs geared towards strengthening the community by making empowering education accessible to the public. Harmonia will be partnering with Hometown Heroes to provide education about healthy lifestyles and being self sufficient. We are committed to sustainability and the co-creation of community garden spaces and holistic nutrition programs.
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FLOW- Medical, Security, and Logistics Services for Music Festivals and Events

Function Logistics Operations Works:
FLOW is based out of Asheville in Western North Carolina in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer unique services of event infrastructure, production and maintenance of all types of events throughout the Southeast region and beyond. Our goal is to provide a quality service to the community at a reasonable price. FLOW has demonstrated our devotion to the community through years of superior customer service and participation in community charity events. FLOW is a trustworthy, skillful business who is hired based on our quality reputation and experience, attention to detail, and open communication skills.


Life Is Art- Live Event Production

LIA Studios is a full service production house for any and all types of events; ranging from EDM and Live Music to Corporate and Private Events as well as Artist Showcases. L.I.A. Studios operates primarily as event production; providing visual projections, next level lighting, and technical planning services. We believe that technology expands humanities inherent abilities, magnifying who we are and what we can do. We’re driven by a passion for finding beauty in what we do and creating the highest quality products possible.


Those Lovely Locks

Specializes in forming wax and chemical free locks for people of all hair types.


Check out the Harmonia Retail Space Coming This Fall
Handcrafted goods and thrift items...

Home Grown Heroes

Home Grown Heroes has created an educational kit for kids to pollenate awareness about growing food and good nutrition.

  • Having Harmonia at our event allowed for a more appropriate delegation of our human resources, so that our medic and security teams could stay alert and active on the ground while the Harmonia team could tend to the cases that required more long-term emotional support. The team remained in high spirits in the face of whatever came to them, and participants who engaged with the space & team provided positive feedback around its positive impact on their own personal experience. Needless to say, Harmonia is providing this community with a much-needed and long-awaited service that will create a more cohesive, harmonious experience for individuals and the collective alike.

    Taylor Pearon , Co- Producer of Kinnection Campout

  • Live music events can get very intense. Thanks to safe zones like Harmonia, venues and festivals can rest assured that individuals seeking a peaceful place for peace of mind can find it before subsequent silliness ensues.

    Anthony Thogmartin , Papadosio

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